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Stone Coated Metal Shake

Gerard Canyon Shake  Canyon Shake is offers a rich look of wood shake 
with all the benefits of steel.  With 22 colors available to satisfy your own personal style.


  By choosing Gerard homeowners will eliminate the future roof
  replacement costs, reduce maintenance and repairs. 

   Why Gerard?  Durable 
                             Best Protection
                             Lowest Life Cycle Cost,
                             Improved Efficiency
                             Increases Home Value
                             Lifetime Beauty
                             Environmentally Friendly
                             Warranty - Lifetime Warranty, Transferable, Non-Prorated
                             Class-A Fire Rating
                             Made in the USA
                             Possible Insurance Discounts









Metro Shake-II is a batten -less design that is revolutionizing the re-roofing industry. Each panel is forged with deep wood grain impressions creating an exceptionally strong, lightweight (1.5lbs/sq.ft.) and secure steel roof covering to suit any architectural style.

A Metro Shake roof gives you the charm of wood shake with out the associated problems of splitting, warping or increased fore risk.

Instead you'll enjoy excellent durability, long life and low maintenance even in the harshest climates.

And your attractive color palette lets you choose just the right look that can transform your home- Metro Shake

50 Year Limited Warranty / 120 mph Wind Warranty

Hail Warranty / Class-A Fire Rated                                                Stone Coated Metal Shake

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