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Gerard Premium Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems provide you with the last roof you'll ever need.  

Why Gerard?  Durable 
                          Best Protection
                          Lowest Life Cycle Cost,
                          Improved Efficiency
                          Increases Home Value
                          Lifetime Beauty
                          Environmentally Friendly
                          Warranty - Lifetime Warranty, Transferable, Non-Prorated
                          Class-A Fire Rating
                          Made in the USA
                          Possible Insurance Discounts



Gerard Granite Ridge Metal Shingles in use




Metro Roof shingles in use







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Metro Shingle  is another type of metal shingle.  It provides a performance proven roof system in a low-profile, attractive stone-coated steel shingle that is designed to be durable, fast to install and require low maintenance performance.

Each panel is press-formed with deep grooves that create an exceptionally strong, lightweight (1.5lbs/sq. ft.), walkable and secure steel roof covering to suit any architectural style. Each panel is 26 Gauge steel embedded with UV resistant polymer stone coating. Resistance of 120 MPH winds and Hail impact.

This product is fire resistant and maintenance free.   

The products used in this process are:

  • Tile Metal Barrier : a product used to prevent ice damming.  It is self adhering and is placed along eaves & valleys to keep water from entering the house.
  • Underlayment: a synthetic felt roofing underlayment designed to protect the roof deck from the elements.
  • Galvanized nails to attach
  • Sealants: used to prevent leaks in critical areas
  • Ventilation: smart vents are used and power vents
  • Hip & Ridge:  pre-cut shingles, easy to install and add the perfect finishing touch to the roof while providing reinforcement to a critical part of the roof.



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