Roof Repair the Bakeris Roofing Way

Posted on July 6, 2012 at 9:48 AM by Dawn Gee

Repairing your roof is a major renovation, and accurate assessment of your roof’s history, current condition, and any damage are all necessary before deciding on a course of action. To assist customers in their roofing renovations, Bakeris Roofing staffs customer care representatives who will review your roof’s history with you and take note of any issues you are having with your roof or problems that are visible to you as a homeowner. Representatives will review issues such as roof age, current integrity of the roof, noticeable cracking, and issues with leaks. Based on this in-depth discussion, Bakeris representatives will then create a preliminary action plan, which can range from a simple appointment for roof maintenance to a major renovation.

One of the major issues to look for when assessing roof damage is the issue of granules coming loose, which often leave bare spots on the roof and black patches or belt plies on the shingles.
This particular issue could be caused by a manufacturer defect, or from an act of nature such as hail or from snow and ice collecting on the roof and tearing into your roof. This issue is fairly easy to see, since the granules will be noticeably missing in patches from the roof.
The issue of curling shingles is another problem with roofing that homeowners should be aware of. Shingles may begin to curl due to manufacturer error, or it could be an indicator of a larger problem within the roofing system. For example, curling shingles could be the result of a ventilation problem, where shingles are baking from the underside up because of improperly vented attics. Since poor ventilation could result in acceleration of a roofing system’s aging process, it needs to be addressed quickly before too much damage occurs.

Along with knowledge regarding the complexities of roofing systems, Bakeris also works with an array of roofing options. When considering roofing options, metal roofs are quickly gaining popularity around the U.S. as a long-term roofing solution that is durable and functional. Bakeris offers a variety of metal roofs, from high-end products, such as our standing seam panels, as well as standard barn metal. Metal roofing comes in stone coating and can also be custom painted to tailor fit the look of your home.

When maintaining a metal roof, it is important to understand that signs of damage are often different than on traditional roof shingles. There may not be visible discoloration, but there may be pre-chalking of the paint if it’s a painted panel, chalking of the paint or paint chipping. Another area to look at is any area where pipes may be coming through the roof or vents, or any roof-to-wall transition areas. Many types of metal roofs come with warranties, which will cover necessary repairs. During a maintenance check, the Bakeris team will perform a thorough inspection to see that the flashing detail was done correctly, and to take care of any minor problems before they become bigger issues.

The most important aspect of maintaining any type of roofing system is to schedule regular inspections, ideally every two to three years. Trouble shooting any minor issues now will save you major headaches in the future. Contact Bakeris Roofing at 515-967-8199 to schedule your routine inspection today. Bakeris has been providing safety, security and comfort in the Des Moines area and surrounding communities for over 20 years and we will happily answer any questions or investigate any concerns you may have about your roofing system.

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