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Posted on July 13, 2012 at 9:48 AM by Dawn Gee

Regular maintenance of any roofing system is the best way to keep your roof functioning at its optimal level. There are simple steps every homeowner can take to keep their roof highly functional and to check for indicators of problems. One of the first things people can do is regularly check their gutters, making sure they are free flowing and that water is able to swiftly reach the down spout. Clear out any leaves or debris that will clog up gutters and cause them to back up into your overhangs or soffit. Clogs can be caused by leaves and twigs, birds’ nests, and even squirrels and raccoons. Clogged gutters can lead to major issues down the road, so cleaning them out regularly is one of the best ways maintain the integrity of your roofing system. As a safety precaution, always use an extension ladder to reach gutters, or call in professionals to have them cleaned out at least on a yearly basis.

For thorough maintenance of your roofing system, Bakeris offers a preventive maintenance program called the Overhead Care Club, which entitles customers to a yearly, full-roof 17-point inspection. Our inspectors fully document their findings and make sure to take pictures of any issues they may find. Along with checking for problems, Bakeris will professionally clean any debris off of your roof and gutters, as well as cleaning down spouts and skylights. Overhead Care Club members get moved to the front of the queue, and receive 10% off any repairs that may be necessary.

Part of the Bakeris 17-point inspection involves checking on the integrity of the roofing system and noting any areas of weakness. We make sure that the flashing, wood chase, or counter flashing is sturdy around areas like chimneys and places where piping may be coming through. We typically use some type of sealant too, with counter flashing, to reinforce an area, or we can also coat the entire chimney using Rhino Roofing, where the brick is completely sealed off. This procedure will prevent the pores from opening up in the brick, which happens after so many years and can lead to cracking or flaking in the brick.

The Bakeris 17-point inspection system also involves thorough inspection of vents, which is important since improper ventilation can lead to a host of roofing problems, such as premature roof failure. Since all vents are not created equal, our staff is knowledgeable about the details regarding a variety of vents and to look for issues concerning moisture leakage and causes of blockage, such as birds’ nests and debris build up.

If an issue is detected during an inspection, the Bakeris warehouse on wheels program allows us to address many issues on the spot, which means no waiting for our customers. Bakeris service technicians have vans complete with tools needed to address repairs from flashings, roof to wall flashing areas, to pipe boots, down spouts, and even basic shingle colors to replace damaged shingles. Bakeris vans are a moving warehouse on wheels, so technicians do not have to leave the job site too often, except to perfectly match up a custom shingle color.

If a Bakeris technician finds an issue during a routine maintenance check, we will never charge by the hour for repairs. Bakeris provides direct pricing on the spot, which homeowners appreciate since it takes the guess work out of repairs. Homeowners do not have to worry while they wait because they know in advance the cost of a job. Bakeris technicians also document their findings with pictures, so they can show homeowners detailed proof of an issue before discussing repairs and pricing. Homeowner approval is integral to any procedure, so our technicians maintain regular contact through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and even text messages, whatever the homeowner prefers.

For more information about the Bakeris Overhead Care Club, contact Bakeris Roofing at 515-967-8199. Bakeris Roofing, providing safety, security and comfort in the Des Moines area and surrounding communities for over 20 years.

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