Giving Back the Bakeris Way

Posted on January 25, 2013 at 12:15 PM by Dawn Gee

Giving Back The Bakeris Way



Recently I was contacted by the State VFW Headquarters located in Beaverdale, Iowa. I learned that this location services all 187 VFW posts here in Iowa, providing help with medical claims, personal financial hardships, and any other challenges their members might encounter. They were seeking someone to inspect their roof and give them bids for needed repairs. After I performed the inspection, even before I came down from the roof, it occurred to me that here was a perfect opportunity for Bakeris Roofing to give back to the veterans who have given so much to our country. In fact, when I came down from the roof to give them my evaluation, it became apparent that this was an expense outside of their budget.


I immediately contacted our general manager and asked her thoughts on the matter, at which time she was very enthusiastic. In order to make this possible, we held a staff meeting with all our employees, explaining that this would require a donation of their time, most likely on weekends. Every single of them were in high support of this project!


It was extremely gratifying to offer to cover the entire project for them, including labor, materials and even material disposal fees. The veteran I met with, Jerry, wasn’t even sure if he understood me correctly and asked if I was kidding. I explained to him that this was something we wanted to do as a companywide project. We would perform the work quickly before cold really set it, and our employees were looking forward to joining in on the effort. Taking things a step further, we also plan to do a cookout for the vets right in their building parking lot over a weekend to add to the fun.


Employees here at Bakeris Roofing, and this includes myself, are truly excited to be doing this for our State VFW Headquarters and I am proud that our team is so ready to launch this project, even with holidays coming up and daylight hours becoming shorter. As a business owner, I am always conscious of the fact that these veterans are responsible for our freedoms in this country, and I welcome the chance to thank them for their service. As we sat around our meeting table discussing this project, it was apparent that our employees feel exactly as I do.


If you are in need inspection to your own roof, please contact us at 515-967-8199.



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