Not all about Roofing

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 12:25 PM by Dawn Gee

Working at Bakeris Roofing is Not All About Roofing


If an employee is happy within their work environment, the result is a win for both the employee and the employer. At Bakeris Roofing, our employees are what makes our company successful. We feel that not only should training be thorough in technical aspects, but it should be mixed with some fun as well.


Dawn, our General Manager, and Shelby, our Customer Care Representative, went to Phoenix, Arizona for some continuing education with Roofing Success International. This particular organization plays a key role in our business systems and customer service training. At the same time that Dawn and Shelby learned, and experienced some of the local culture as well there in Phoenix. All of our employees are given the opportunity to go for this continued education, and typically in the spring when they have their expo, we’ll take the whole company. When we return home, we hold training sessions throughout the year, discussing what they learned about team building and other facets of daily business practices.


We also enjoy fun outings such as our annual golfing expedition. Regardless of the fact that it was hot enough to bake beans on the sidewalk, we all had a great time. However, I do think next time we’ll go bowling so we can enjoy the air conditioning, plus it seems that bowling takes a little less practice than golfing does and I might actually be a little more competitive. At the very least, the bowling balls come back to me, unlike those little white golf balls that I have to go searching for in odd places.


The bottom line here is that we want our employees to enjoy working for Bakeris Roofing. Training can help in handling customer relations, but if an employee is unhappy, their attitude will be reflected regardless of training. The right attitude will impact all aspects of our business, all the way from employees who work here in our office, to the employees who actually do the roofing installation and servicing. Healthy employee morale will be reflected in customer interaction and we want our employees to be kind, polite, courteous, and wearing a smile.

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