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Posted on March 8, 2013 at 12:28 PM by Dawn Gee

Bakeris Roofing’s Family Atmosphere


Employment here at Bakeris Roofing is an ongoing process. We maintain qualified candidates on file and even though we may not have a need presently in certain areas, if an opening does occur, you are in our “pipeline.” We are always looking for qualified applicants and at present are seeking several roofing specialists in our sales area. These positions don’t necessarily require someone with roofing experience. If you are a team player with a great attitude, we will train you for the position. We have a process that starts with three interviews beginning with talking by phone. In the initial conversation, we will try to get a sense of your work history, your present employment, and whether your personal preferences correlate with the type of employee we are looking for. In our profession, we often hear, “Well, you’re just a roofing company.” While that statement is true in that we are a roofing company, we are driven by a desire to assist homeowners with problems associated with care of their investment in their home. This is why we closely interview our prospective employees, so as to ensure they too will reflect this level of customer concern.


Bakeris Roofing offers their employees paid vacation, sick days and holidays, as well as a Simple IRA package.   We incorporate fun things such as employee door prizes and putting a quote on the board every Wednesday and Friday where employees guess the person who said the quote or the birthdate of that person. This coming year we plan to change it up even more by offering a grand prize that employees can work on earning all year long in attempts to get their name in a fishbowl. 


Our company prides itself on being family-oriented. Many employees we hire are looking beyond the pay scale in that they are seeking flexibility. Because of our family orientation, we believe in offering time off for family events such as your children’s sports events, family reunions, and many other family sponsored activities. I have children and I place importance on strong family values. Our company isn’t so large that we require the typical red tape that many employees must cut through with larger organizations, and our employees really like our flexibility and family atmosphere.


We always have a need for people in the field and our employment isn’t necessarily seasonal as we hire year round, whenever a position becomes available. If you would like to apply with us for one of positions as a roofing specialist, a field position or a position within our office, you can begin the process through our website, Just enter your information and we will respond to you quickly.

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