Tailgate meetings

Posted on March 22, 2013 at 12:30 PM by Dawn Gee

Tailgate Meetings and Roofing


Maintaining good safety techniques in the roofing industry is extremely important. Our work crews are required to hold “tailgate meetings” before the start of a job every morning. These meetings are documented and they cover details such as how to tie off a ladder if you’re on uneven ground or how to properly dispose of materials while an employee is on a roof. Employees need to be aware of their surroundings at all times.


We also stress vehicle safety, particularly when it involves cell phone usage. Texting is not allowed, of course, and if you do talk on your cell phone, you should not let your attention stray from the roadway. Cell phone safety while driving is something we cover nearly every week as well as driving courteously and not speeding. We further recommend our employees pull over when using their cell phones if possible. Cell phone safety extends to when someone is working on a roof as well. Whether you’re on a flat or a sloped roof, employees need to pay attention to where they are walking while they are using their cell phones.


Homeowner safety is another important aspect and we always instruct homeowners of proper safety techniques involving asking questions of workers as well as keeping their children away from areas where work is being performed. 


Because every job is a little bit different, it’s important that those differences be discussed as far as safety is concerned. We want to keep these techniques fresh in the minds of all our employees so that those practices become routine protocol. Our crews are instructed to remind team members to remain vigilant in their methods and to speak up if they see something unsafe, whether it’s on the ground or on the roof.


We are proud to say our safety record has significantly improved in the last few years following institution of our tailgate meetings and other safety training techniques we have employed. Bakeris Roofing will continue keeping safety practices uppermost in our training curriculum.



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