Helping Local Communities

Posted on April 5, 2013 at 12:32 PM by Dawn Gee

Helping Local Communities


Our business is located near Southeast Polk School, where my children attend. We were formerly located in Bondurant and in fact, still own our prior building there. Because we are so familiar with both of these communities, we focus on giving something back to each of them. Our employees also have children in these school districts, which gives them incentive to become involved as well.


One key program, Dollars for Scholars, collects donations to benefit seniors who are preparing for either two or four year college programs, or attending a tech college. They are awarded scholarships through this program in the spring before they graduate high school. Just this month, they held an auction where Bakeris Roofing donated a gutter cleaning, a full roof inspection, and gave away 100 feet of gutter covering which included installation.


We also serve as a premier sponsor for our local Booster Clubs. If they are in need of new sports equipment, regardless of what sport it might be, we want to assist in the purchase of this equipment. With the downturn of the economy, schools don’t have the resources they once did and the Booster Club kicks in with assistance toward the purchase of supplies or gear. I believe they even help with funding of trips for the athletes. This assistance extends to band members and band club as well.


Yearbooks are another way Bakeris Roofing helps, as well as with a yearly calendar where logos of sponsoring businesses are included. This in turn markets our business, resulting in a win for the schools and for us.


We enjoy attending the community events as it provides an opportunity to visit with people who we’ve done work for. It’s an enjoyable way to network and express thanks to these people. We know our customers are our lifeblood and because of their continued patronage, we want to continue to donate to the communities we are all a part of, particularly when our children’s future is involved.


If you would like to contact us, please give us a call at 515-967-8199 and let us assist you with your roofing needs.



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