Overhead Care Club Pt 1

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 12:49 PM by Dawn Gee

The Overhead Care Club, Part 1


 There are a number of reasons why our customers benefit from being a member of the Overhead Care Club:


            If you have an emergency, regardless of whether it’s from storm damage or a leak in your roofing system, club members receive top priority. We make every attempt to reach you within 24 hours and to respond within that same time period.


            If repair work is needed, you receive a 10% discount on any repairs.


            During routine maintenance we clean off debris as well as clean gutters, downspouts, skylights, dormer windows and sun tunnel windows. At the same time, we will perform a thorough inspection of your roof.


            Our inspection includes all aspects of your roofing system as well as inspecting siding, flashing, and dormer windows. We always provide our customers with pictures so they can get the same bird’s eye view when we come down off the ladder.


            Our inspection also includes your attic space and ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential to good home maintenance.


            If you sign up for a two year membership or longer, you become eligible for our Vegas vacation drawing during our Customer Appreciation Party held in May. You can find out more about this fun event in Part III of our Overhead Care Club blogs.


Anyone is eligible to become a member of the Overhead Care Club and for those customers who have us replace an entire roof, one year of membership is automatic. For customers who our maintenance program through the Overhead Care Club, the yearly fee is $179. We offer a10% discount for a two year membership and a 15% discount if you join for three years.


Protecting Your Roof is our Priority


Any number of things can collect and/or damage your roof such as kids’ balls, hail, raccoons, squirrels, rats and possums, to name a few. In 22 years of being in business, we’ve seen it all. A full inspection can prevent undetected small problems from becoming major disasters. In fact, we compare your roofing system to an appliance that runs 24/7 in your home. Your roof must constantly deal with the elements and the wildlife in your area, necessitating a yearly inspection as well as routine maintenance.

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