Overhead Care Club pt 2

Posted on April 26, 2013 at 12:48 PM by Dawn Gee

The Overhead Care Club, Part 2


When you sign up for membership in the Overhead Care Club, you become a priority customer with Bakeris Roofing. Among other great amenities, Bakeris Roofing provides a 17 point safety inspection which is all encompassing. One of the most important points in this inspection is checking your roof closely for shingle condition. Shingles can crack or curl or they can suffer granule loss, and we also ensure that they are properly sealed. When shingles are installed in high temps, generally they seal as they are put on, but it’s good to make sure a year or so later that those shingles are still well sealed. After storms, there is the possibility that debris can lodge underneath your shingles and this needs to be determined as well.


Pipe flashings are another important consideration. Any pipe that comes out of your roof has flashing that is subject to weather damage. UV rays can break down the rubber boot around those pipes as well. We take a look at your wall flashing, roof to wall transition areas and especially outside corners. Houses can shift and settle to a certain degree as metal contracts and expands, and these transition areas are included in our inspection.


Venting systems are another important inspection point. In the case of box roof vents, sometimes referred to as turtle vents or passive air vents, we check for damage in the form of cracking, and plastic is particularly vulnerable. If Bakeris Roofing replaces your roof, we typically use metal vents which we feel are much higher quality. If you have a power fan, we make sure it still functions correctly and the motor hasn’t frozen. We also check the cage that surrounds your power fan to make sure small animals haven’t damaged it.


Windows and second story dormers are included in our inspection as well as siding and trim. Many times people tell us they have a leak in their roof, but in fact, sometimes it has nothing to do with the roof. Instead it could be that a window is leaking which allows moisture to run behind the siding and flashing. What most people refer to as their roof, we refer to as a roofing system. That system includes attic ventilation and insulation. We encourage our customers to take advantage of the free energy audit offered by our local utility company, Mid-America. Many times homeowners will blow in their own insulation but they neglect to install insulation chutes. These chutes allow air to rise up into the soffit and then into the attic space. Without those chutes, their ventilation system suffers dramatically because they completely cut out their overhang due to too much insulation.


We also check your bathroom fan lights and how they exit out of the attic space. They should not be nailed off on a rafter or laying on top of insulation. If you are inadvertently pumping moist, hot air into your attic space, this can eventually result in premature deterioration of your roofing deck. It can also result in black mold due to high humidity levels. Black mold has become prevalent in newer houses where they have been wrapped tightly with house wrap. It is vital that attic space ventilation work properly to prevent this mold.


These are some of the main items we check in our Overhead Care Club safety inspection. If you would like to know more about joining our Overhead Care Club, please give us a call at 515-967-8199 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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