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Posted on May 10, 2013 at 2:29 PM by Dawn Gee

Quality Customer Service through the Happy Check Follow-up


Bakeris Roofing is firmly committed in providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction possible and one of the many ways we seek to provide that satisfaction is through the use of a Happy Check follow-up call. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction through calls performed by Shelby, our Customer Care Representative. Shelby makes inquiries concerning details such as nails found in a driveway after job completion, if our employees wore shoe covers when entering their home, if furniture was put back on patios, or if gutters were cleaned before we left. If there are any areas which need improvement, we then can bring this up in our employee meetings and let our employees know the areas where more concentration is needed.


Sometimes there may be concern in minor details such as where we park our dump trucks or if we are blocking anything while we are there. We make it a point to board up windows that are below the roofing area where materials are thrown down, all in an effort to protect the customer’s property. All of this is important to us and checking to make sure customers are happy with how we undertake this process is a priority in our Happy Check follow-up.


Yet another area of concern is how Bakeris Roofing compares with other companies in the same industry. We want to know the areas where we stand out, such as response time from the first time a customer contacts us seeking a bid. Once the bid was obtained, were customers happy with our follow-up contact and color choices or were they kept waiting beyond what was the expected timeframe. We know when a customer decides to have roofing repairs performed, expediency is usually uppermost in their minds and we want to make absolutely certain we are there when our customers need us.


If you have questions concerning our customer service, just contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us”, or call 515-967-8199 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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