Bakeris Roofing and Our Great Team - Do You Want to be a Part?

Posted on May 17, 2013 at 2:32 PM by Dawn Gee

Bakeris Roofing and Our Great Team - Do You Want to be a Part?


Bakeris Roofing’s employees are what make our company a team. If our employees feel good about working for the company, their attitude reflects positively when dealing with customers. To that end, we utilized a technique that gave our current employees the ability to voice what type of person fits in best.


During one of our weekly training meetings, employees were asked to give their opinions, on paper, concerning what type person best fits in with them. The responses detailed things such as timeliness in arriving at work, a positive person with a good attitude, and someone who puts the customer first and focuses on teamwork. It was the general consensus that a good team player is someone who doesn’t mind going the extra mile to help other employees. Taking the initiative was greatly valued as well as a clear understanding of company goals and standards.


Employee Rewards 


Bakeris Roofing recently initiated an Employee of the Month program, awarded to an employee who accrues the most points in given areas such as always having a business card available, knowing what your sales were for the week or hitting certain goals. If they are able to show a business card upon request, or meet specified goals, their name is put in a pot for a drawing. A repair tech just won an iPad by having their name drawn from that pot. We also have a quote of the day which adds to the fun, and that is the bottom line; we want our employees to enjoy their work here.


During our regular meetings, we ask our employees questions such as, “How can you go out of your way to help your fellow employees,” and while conducting an employee survey, we asked if they were given adequate feedback for their performance, as well as having them rate company management. We also asked for feedback in areas such as team work, customer focus, company mission and purpose, compensation, workplace environment, and if work is challenging and rewarding. We want to know if they find their work stressful and if they do, we want input on how we can make adjustments to alleviate that stress. Listening to our employees and encouraging communication reflects right down the line to providing quality customer service.


We drug test all of our employees as well as perform background checks because we want our customers’ trust when our team enters their homes. If anyone has an interest in applying with Bakeris Roofing, we can be contacted through our website or by calling 515-967-8199

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