Company-Wide Continuing Education

Posted on May 24, 2013 at 2:35 PM by Dawn Gee

Company-Wide Continuing Education



Education is the foundation of all well run organizations and Bakeris Roofing makes it a priority, not only for employees, but for management as well. This continuing education comes from a variety of resources, involving everything from customer contact, sales, and personnel management.


A variety of groups are consulted and one particular group called Success Group International, or SGI consists of four different types of contractors; heating and cooling, roofing, plumbers and electricians. Companies that participate in this group meeting are all organizations that go above and beyond in customer satisfaction. SGI meets twice a year in varying states for round table discussions and information gathering sessions. A topic is chosen for each session and information is shared concerning what works for those businesses, clever ideas to attract customers and strategic ideas for marketing and advertising. Within the last year, Bakeris Roofing added radio to our advertising campaign and this was done with the assistance of someone participating in these round table sessions.


Another group we meet with is a local one called Business Networking International, or BNI. This group consists of business people who come together for lunch and exchange referrals. We all give a short summary of our business and what makes up our customer base, followed by each of us offering any referrals that we may have. This group has been highly beneficial for us and we’re pleased that we’ve been able to help other businesses by providing referrals as well. Customers come to recognize these companies as some of the best in local industry and are quick to give their own referrals to friends and family. Bakeris Roofing requires drug testing as well as background testing of all our employees to ensure our customers are guaranteed safety when our team enters their homes.


Employees are encouraged to attend webinars such as the telephone class our customer service person is taking in the month of January. We want customers to talk to a pleasant and knowledgeable person when they contact Bakeris Roofing. Sometimes customers may be experiencing a bad day, particularly if they need emergency repair work, and if their first encounter is a cheerful greeting such as, “Hi, this is Dawn from Bakeris Roofing; how can I make you smile today,” sometimes that makes all the difference in positive communications and improving that customer’s day considerably.


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