Bakeris Roofing's Mission Statement Delivers More than Just Words

Posted on June 21, 2013 at 2:49 PM by Dawn Gee

Bakeris Roofing’s Mission Statement Delivers More than Just Words


“Promise only what you can deliver and then deliver more than you promise!”

Our mission statement, as quoted above, is a guarantee that Bakeris Roofing will deliver to our customers more than just the average, everyday service that so many companies dish out. As I’ve stated before, we believe in taking care of our customers and our clients, and because of this belief, we devote time every single week in training of our employees so that they have a full understanding of this statement. Our training sessions includes input from everyone on the team and the entire team shares ideas on how we can improve our customer service. If I need to emphasize and re-emphasize our adamant dedication to customer service during those meetings, I don’t hesitate to do so.

“Promise only what you can deliver” - When we tell you we can and will do something for you, our valued customer, we always follow through. This promise is spelled out in our agreements with our customers, in our legal paperwork and by verbal acknowledgements. This service includes phone contact, both initially and in follow-ups. Although we can now be contacted through our website via the internet, we guarantee that when our representatives return that contact by phone, they will be courteous and polite while finding out what those customers need. That same personable approach will continue when our team members do an in-home visit and throughout the entire process of either repair work or installation of a new roof or insulation. We are dedicated to giving our customers 100% satisfaction.

Taking Customer Service to a Higher Level

“Deliver more than what you promise” - I think it’s a sad fact of life that people have come to accept less of customer service these days. We want to stand out in this area and be the ones who are remembered for going the extra mile; we want to hear the word “Wow” from our customers from something that has pleasantly surprised them. Whether it’s little things like bringing someone’s newspaper to the door from the driveway, rolling a garbage collection container back to the house or moving a child’s bike out of the driveway so it can’t be run over; this is the kind of service we expect from our team. Quality customer service should encompass courtesy at all times as well as a high end product in our roofing or repair work.

What we have seen over our years in business is that great customer service creates more repeat customers and referrals from happy clients. I can safely say that 65 to 70% of our work comes from past customers either giving us more work or referring us to their friends and family. We love working with existing customers because it results in a win for us and a win for them. We love new customers too, so that we can turn them into repeat customers for future business and the recipe for that repeat business all boils down to customers who appreciate good work, courtesy and getting more than they ever expected.

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