Small Things Matter in Quality Customer Service

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 2:54 PM by Dawn Gee

Small Things Matter in Quality Customer Service

Our team training at Bakeris Roofing involves preparing for just about any situation that might arise with a customer. Part of that training includes actual role playing where we pose a question that a customer might ask and we teach our employees how to respond in a helpful and courteous manner.

For instance, we might have a customer who is concerned about their landscaping because construction can damage plants and shrubbery, or they might have a special plant that they planted with a child and they want to make sure it’s protected during the work process. We train our team to use whatever means possible, such as tarps, sawhorses or plywood, to ensure the best possible protection and to assure the customer we will do our very best to limit damage.

Sometimes a customer might become upset and confrontational, and our employees are trained to keep their cool and do their best to respond accurately and courteously in an attempt to calm the customer. If they are prepared beforehand through role playing, it helps in their ability to control situations as they arise and keep our customers happy.

Employees try to iron out possible problems before they can occur by talking to the customer in regards to landscaping and where to park dump trucks and work vehicles prior to work beginning.

Keeping Neighbors Happy

We take quality customer service a step further and whenever we are doing a project in a neighborhood, our team leaders and roofing specialists are requested to knock on the doors of surrounding neighbors to determine if our parked trucks or trailers might possibly be in their way. We always offer a business card in case they need to contact us for any reason, which creates a less stressful work environment for our customer and their neighborhood.

We stress to our team that they should always take care of the customer’s wishes and needs before beginning a project. When this is done, it can iron out a lot of possible problems and the end result is satisfied customers.


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