Maintain Safety in Your Home

Posted on September 13, 2013 at 11:28 AM by Dawn Gee

Maintain Safety Within Your Home


Our employee’s safety, as well as the homeowner’s safety, remains a top priority at Bakeris Roofing. Safety also plays an important role in our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Through our years of being in business, we have learned that continuing education is vital in maintaining proper protocol on the job. Sometimes that education might involve a new manufacturer’s installation process or it could be something seemingly simple like instructions to the homeowner while work is being performed on their roof. 


One thing that we will be addressing in the near future concerns proper approach techniques with homeowners’ pets. Being a dog lover, my daughter and I own four dogs, and I have a full appreciation for their guarding instincts. There are many times where homeowners have warned us that noises our employees are making cause their pets to become nervous or uncomfortable. We’ve also had some instances where the homeowners assured us their pets were non- confrontational, but our employees would tell us they didn’t feel confident entering a fence to a pet’s yard because of a pet’s obvious stress at their presence. We want to avoid animals or workers being put in a dangerous situation and education from a vet or a trained dog handler on proper approaches or warning signs could help with these situations. I understand the homeowner’s perspective because dogs, and cats as well, are family members and my own dogs are part of my family. However, we may have some employees who aren’t as familiar with dogs and this is where training could make a huge difference in their ability to properly assess a situation if they are unsure if a homeowner’s pet is truly upset by their presence. 


The key to safety will always be found in education and an open mind to the realization that education never ends. Those who have been in the roofing industry for years sometimes forget this fact, but I’m of the mindset that you’re never too old to learn new tricks about safety and it is absolutely possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

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