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Posted on September 27, 2013 at 12:13 PM by Dawn Gee

Colder Temps Serve As Maintenance Reminders For Your Roof


Most people know Bakeris Roofing installs and maintains roofs, but there are other facets of the business that many may not realize we perform. When I am called to do a roof inspection, I normally begin by walking around the outside of the home. This gives me a ground shot of the exterior, and in many cases one thing stands out which really has nothing to do with roofing maintenance, and that is hoses still connected to exterior faucets. No one wants to experience line bursts because of a frozen hose, but it’s an easy detail to overlook in late fall when homeowners may be spending more time inside than outside. I’ve received a few gentle reminders from my wife, and I try to do the same for homeowners.


Another reason to walk around and inspect the exterior of a home is to double check for areas where bugs and even snakes might find a way inside. Sometimes the cable company might have drilled holes that are too large, or the lines going from your air condition unit might leave gaps in the walls; perhaps you have a sump pump line causing this as well. If you can insert your finger in a gap or opening in your siding, chances are good that this is enough area for unwanted guests to enter. As a homeowner, you can caulk and seal off these cracks and openings to prevent entry by the elements and outside pests.


Yet another reason for a ground inspection is to check for loose gutters, deteriorated siding or window trim, or screens in need of replacement. I try to do this inspection with the homeowner before I go up on the roof. Once I am on the roof, I go through a 17 point inspection which covers items such as chimney flashing and counter-flashing, pipe flashings, roof valleys and wall transition areas. I check to make sure gutters are secure and also perform gutter cleaning. If a homeowner can observe downspouts during a time of rain, they should look for overflow and rain running down the outside of those downspouts. If they do see this occurring, it’s a good indication the downspout itself is clogged. I also check for missing or cracked shingles and nails that might be popping up.


One thing that stands out in inspections this year, particularly on 10 to 20 year old roofs, is excessive cracks in the shingles. Those cracks are due to heat and this summer is one of the hottest summers I’ve seen, a record breaker in fact, for Iowa. The heat and sunshine literally baked the shingles and although I’ve encountered this many times, it is accelerated this year. Ripped or cracked shingles, or granules missing, can really cause deterioration of a roof because the sun’s ultraviolet rays can reach the felt underlayment beneath the shingles. If winter brings a lot of ice and snow, it results in serious damage to many roofs with these problems.


If you want to have your roof inspected, it is an excellent time to do this. Most of the leaves will be off the trees soon, which means gutters can be cleaned. We can also inspect your attic for proper ventilation, making sure moist air from bathroom fans or kitchen fans is properly vented. Give us a call at 515-967-8199 to set up an appointment now.

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