Our Relationship with Insurance Companies

Posted on July 22, 2014 at 8:36 AM by Dawn Gee

Our Relationship with Insurance Companies


We at Bakeris Roofing have worked closely with many insurance adjustors over the years. We are proud of our excellent reputation as a company that maintains a strong relationship with insurance companies.


There have been a few hail storms in the area recently. Let’s say a homeowner calls their insurance agent to file a hail claim and requests our assistance. During the claim process we meet the adjustor at the homeowner’s residence. At this point we can be thought of as the homeowner’s eyes on the roof. We walk the roof with the adjustor to make sure they are thorough and aren’t missing anything. Then we’ll work with the insurance company to come up with the proper price for all necessary roof work. We are diligent to make sure that nothing is left out. Not only is this an important service to homeowners, but this also helps the insurance adjustor.


Other contractors may be confrontational or overly forceful, making the process more difficult to adjustors who will then complain to the homeowner. We’re not like that. Our goal is to cooperate with both the homeowner and the insurance company to make the process easier. We can come up with a solution to take care of your roofing problem after a hailstorm.


Insurance adjustors are usually apprehensive when they receive requests from homeowners to have their roofing contractor join them on the roof. When they learn that Bakeris Roofing is their contractor, they become enthusiastic about having us join them. We continually ask for feedback from adjustors about their experience working with Bakeris Roofing. Their response is overwhelmingly positive. We greatly appreciate the comments we receive about our friendly staff.


I am extremely proud of the team we’ve built at Bakeris Roofing. They continue to be a big part of our success. When we hire people to join our team we really have the bar set high. We choose our employees carefully with multiple interviews, drug tests, and background checks. As a homeowner, you can be confident that our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They know the proper way that things should be done. This means that all manufacturer warranties will be in place and everything will be up to code.


We at Bakeris Roofing love to work with insurance companies. While some contractors might have a negative view towards adjustors, we feel that they are very helpful with ensuring that homeowners receive the benefits they deserve. We are confident that having us as a gobetween will give everyone a little peace of mind.


If you have any questions about how we can help make your insurance claims go smoothly, contact us at 515-967-8199. Bakeris Roofing has been providing safety, security and comfort in the Des Moines area and surrounding communities for over 20 years.



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