“Why Stacy Recommends the Overhead Care Club”

Posted on September 12, 2014 at 8:34 AM by Dawn Gee

 “Why Stacy Recommends the Overhead Care Club”


The Overhead Care Club is a membership that allows homeowners to get an annual inspection, including gutter cleaning of up to 150 feet. The membership fee is $189.00. A roof technician service call costs $89, but the reduced service fee for a club member is only $29.95 for any of our residential customers. Members also receive a 10% discount for all repairs. Along with that, members of the Overhead Care Club get priority service.


Once a year, Overhead Care Club members will get a 17 point safety inspection including skylight cleaning and attic analysis. The goal is to make sure the roofing system is in tip-top shape. Just as with your car, maintenance is definitely key. As Customer Care Representative, I often get calls from people who notice something is seriously wrong with their roof. These problems usually would have been preventable through proactive maintenance. Instead of calling us during a crisis moment because something serious has already gone wrong with your roof, the Overhead Care Club annual inspection makes sure any preventable issues will be caught before they become a big problem.


The best way to make sure your roof is properly maintained is by having a trained technician to visit your home for a thorough inspection. Your entire roofing system is checked—we make sure that the shingles are nailed and sealed correctly and we make sure the attic is properly ventilated to allow the roof to last as long as it should. Any debris is removed so nothing will get caught or spill over the sides of the gutter.


The priority service component of the Overhead Care Club is similar to fun passes you can get at an amusement park. It allows customers to jump to the front of the line and get appointments guaranteed within 24 hours. This, along with the yearly inspection, are very compelling reasons for customers to join.


To join the Overhead Care Club, give us a call at (515) 967-8199. I will be happy to set you up and answer any questions you may have about the perks of being a club member.

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