Budgeting For a New Roof

Posted on March 6, 2015 at 12:17 PM by Dawn Gee

Budgeting For a New Roof


The average cost for a roof in our area is around $8,500. Most people will have to make budgeting plans if they’re thinking about replacing their home’s roof. If a family were to move into an older house, or there are signs that the roof will need attention in the near future, it’s a smart idea to start thinking about the options that are available.


At Bakeris Roofing, we try to make the whole project as easy as possible, and this begins with financing. Of course, we do accept checks, cash, and credit cards. We don’t consider credit cards to be financing because we’re isolated from the customer’s credit account. Most of the time, the card’s issuing bank will impose high interest rates on monthly payments.


We offer 12 months same as cash where you pay no interest for 12 months. This is an unsecured loan, and it’s simply a matter of calling a bank that we’ve partnered with through one of our wholesalers. You don’t have to have a spectacular credit rating to get approved. (The minimum credit score for approval should be at least 600). At the end of the 12 month period, either you have paid off the full amount or you will incur the interest which is close to 19%.


Another great thing about this financing option is there is not much paperwork involved. Qualification takes just a few minutes right over the phone. Additionally, there is no penalty for paying early. If you were to be qualified for a $10,000 loan and decide to pay it off a week later, there would be absolutely no penalty since it’s within the 12 month financing period. It’s all a matter between you and the bank. This option basically gives you 12 months to use their money.


We also offer a 5 and 7 year loan with an interest rate of 6.99%. Like the 12 months same as cash, this loan only takes a few minutes over the phone. Even if you decide to obtain financing at your own local bank with a second mortgage or home equity loan, you don’t have to wait to complete all that paperwork. In fact, I tried to see if I could get an unsecured 5 and 7 year loan at 6.99% at my own bank, and they weren’t able to do it. Keep in mind, they know me there, I have some money in my account, and they still aren’t able to do it.


The bank we have partnered with is here to work with the homeowners to offer this financing. To learn more about the financing and payment options available at Bakeris Roofing, give us a call today at (515) 967-8199.

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