No Roof Left Behind Winner

Posted on August 31, 2015 at 9:55 AM by Dawn Gee

The No Roof Left Behind winner was announced at the beginning of this month (August 1st). Jeanne Cowger, the winner, is a single grandmother with five kids living in the house with her. It was a pretty close competition this year. I think the winner was decided with only around 24 votes or so.


Her roof is in pretty bad shape. It’s really curly and it’s been leaking a lot. We had a very bad storm this past week and her brother had to come over an lay a tarp on the roof. When we announced that she had won, we put a big sign in her yard. Jeanne and her kids came out, took pictures, and talked with us for a little while.


She actually broke down in tears and told us how grateful she was that we were doing this for her. Even the kids were excited, probably because of how nice the place would look with a brand new roof.


Even when we went to put the nominee signs in the participants’ yards and got to hear their story, it made us grateful for what we have. We get emotional when we heard some of what the families have been through.


We’re going to schedule a meeting soon and we’ll probably discuss a timeframe for when we’re going to install the roof. Since the leak is pretty bad we’ll probably be getting pushing it to get done within the next week or so.


After that, we’re going to be having a celebration. If you want to see the pictures of Jeanne’s roof right now, take a look at our Facebook page.


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