Protecting Homeowners’ Safety and Property

Posted on October 26, 2015 at 9:18 AM by Dawn Gee

Roof repair or replacement can be a major project for homeowners. At Bakeris Roofing, we do everything we can to remove any potential stress from the process. In fact, we often tell homeowners that the most stressful thing they will have to do is pick the shingle color. We think that the more we train, the more we can prevent potential issues from occurring out at someone’s home. This begins by going out of our way to make sure both people and items are safe from harm.


Before beginning a project, we will do a walk around to ask if it is acceptable to move certain items. We will even take pictures to make sure the items are placed back in the exact same spot once we’re done.


If we are working over a doorway, we will apply safety cones or caution tape. If the family happens to be at home, we will have someone monitoring the door just in case someone needs to walk by. We will briefly stop what we were doing to allow the person to safely go through the area.


Many of us have observed projects that look like total chaos. The crew is haphazardly throwing materials from the roof onto the ground, making a mess and even causing some damage. At Bakeris Roofing, we simply don’t operate that way. We know how important it is to respect our clients’ homes.


People take pride in their property, and whether it is their home, their garden, or their decorations, we need to be very careful. Before doing a roof replacement that will require the old roof to be torn down, we do prep work to make sure all plants, furniture, cooking grills, or landscape decorations are properly protected. We understand the sentimental value behind many belongings (even if they might not cost very much).


As always, proper training at Bakeris Roofing means proper communication. In fact, if everyone made an effort to communicate and listen to each other, there would probably be more harmony in the world.


The team at Bakeris Roofing cares about your family and your belongings. They will go the extra mile and take all the precautions to ensure the things you find important will stay safe. To learn more, give us a call today at (515) 967-8199.

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