Strategies for Coordinating Technicians

Posted on November 13, 2015 at 9:22 AM by Dawn Gee

As Bakeris Roofing grows, we are continuing to develop better strategies to coordinate our technicians in the field more effectively. There were several things I learned from our recent training at Success Group International (SGI) in regard to dispatching. One of the main subjects we discussed was the fact that many companies schedule technician visits in the order that they were received (on a first call, first serve basis). Even though this sounds like the best strategy, in actuality, it’s not as efficient for the company or the customers.


Let’s say that we have people who called us from Altoona, Pella, and Indianola, Iowa. If we fielded those calls in order, the technician would almost be traveling in a very large triangle. Instead, what we should be doing is planning the technician’s day around where he starts and where he finishes. Altoona is probably the closest, and then he would want to go to the closest place after that. By going in that order, it prevents the technician from traveling in many different directions. This will save time for the customers as well as the technician, making the whole process more efficient.


Multitasking is another strategy that we talked about at SGI. There are many different models of a company. One roofing company may have four people in the office, just like we do at Bakeris Roofing. However, these people may not have the same roles. One person may be answering phones, emails, and doing invoices, while another customer care representative may be doing something completely different. What is most important is to find the number one priority of the job. As a customer care representative, that is the phone. No matter what the customer care representative is doing as far as multitasking, once that phone rings, that is the most important task to pay attention to.


While some of these practices may seem like they would come naturally, it might not always be the case. This is why continued training and learning is a huge part of the strategy at Bakeris Roofing.


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