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Posted on November 18, 2015 at 10:52 AM by Dawn Gee

We were happy to receive a letter from one of our customers recently. She came to our office a while ago because she was interested in getting her roof done. She even had her friend take pictures to render what her roof would look like with different kinds of shingles. She’s a really nice person and also very particular with her choices.


We asked her if she would be willing to send a letter and she was kind enough to say yes. Here it is:


To whom it may concern,


This letter is to convey my unqualified recommendation of Bakeris Roofing. I’m the type of person who finds having things like roofs done very stressful. The person I dealt with, Cole Ingle (roofing specialist), was great. He answered all my questions more than once. He stayed in contact. When there was a minor problem, it was fixed with no questions. The real sign of a company worth doing business with. Life alway has issues and it’s how people deal with them that counts.


The company adjusted to my schedule since I wanted to be here when they did the work. The work was excellent. The crew worked efficiently and neatly. Really cleaned up after themselves. I am delighted with how my roof looks. We have also had some heavy storms since it was done and I know it is watertight. Again, I recommend Bakeris Roofing without reservation.




It’s a nice surprise to get this kind of feedback for Jeff, me, and everyone on our team. It picks us up because it’s really good to hear.


We do a happy check by calling to follow up after we do a repair for our customers. We want to check to make sure that everyone is well taken care of. Even so, it’s nice when they take the extra effort to send us something. It shows that we’re really appreciated.


We’ve even had some customers give us pies over the last couple of months. You might have seen some of our posts on Facebook where we got to feed the whole crew.


No matter how large or small your feedback is, we appreciate it very much.

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