Favorite Reasons for Working at Bakeris Roofing

Posted on December 4, 2015 at 9:26 AM by Dawn Gee

If I had to narrow it down, my favorite thing about working at Bakeris Roofing is the environment. The people that work here don’t fit the stereotypical image we might have when we think about contractors. I think that being associated with Success Group International (SGI) and Roofers’ Success International (RSI) has brought a new level of expectation for both customers and staff. Bakeris Roofing immensely values their employees, offering us continued growth and training so we can constantly better ourselves.


One of the side effects of having such a positive environment is the sense of camaraderie it instills in all of us. There have been many occasions when we will have an employee breakfast, giving us a chance to socialize and eat a good meal. When we’re able to sit down as a team and talk about something other than work, we feel a great sense of fellowship with the people in our office.


Another thing I enjoy about working at Bakeris Roofing is the recognition we get when we go above and beyond. As with any customer service job, there will be concerns and complaints. Along with those, however, are the times when we really helped someone with the issue that they had. It could be as simple as sending a technician to reseal a leaky boot pipe, or it could be something as big as a full roof replacement.


Either way, I really enjoy resolving the issue that the customer has. When the roof over your head isn’t in good condition, it can be very scary. I have received many calls, especially after a large storm, where families are frantic. At the end of the call, I’m able to put their mind at ease. This is one of the best parts of being a customer care rep: being able to help people to resolve their concerns and give them peace of mind.


Finally, continuing education is very critical for our growth here at Bakeris Roofing. For me that means being able to become a better customer care representative. I went to an expo in Dallas where I was able to see the culture of SGI and RSI, as well as meet other people in the same industry. I was able to learn quite a lot during this visit, and it was a great experience to meet others who have similar stories.


Everybody at Bakeris Roofing is able to hone their skills in their respective areas. In addition to my training, one of our technicians will be going to another course in March. There are others here at Bakeris Roofing who are furthering their education about products and procedures. The entire team here recognizes the value in constantly becoming better at what we do.


Next time you give us a call at (515) 967-8199, you may end up speaking with me. I hope that you’ll be able to hear how much I genuinely enjoy what I do. I care about giving you a great experience at Bakeris Roofing.




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