Looking Back at Our Customer Appreciation Event

Posted on December 28, 2015 at 9:37 AM by Dawn Gee

After having our customer appreciation event on Thursday, May 7. The turnout wasn’t quite as big as last year. Overall, we sent around 3,700 postcard invitations to vendors and customers in our database. We had about 275 people attend this time, but we didn’t call every customer ahead of time like we did the previous year.


During the event, we introduced the whole team to our customers. That way, our new team members would have a chance to meet everyone. We also expanded our floorspace so we’d have more room. We have two bays in our shop and we usually only use one of them for the event. This time we spread it across both bays. We had a DJ again and we gave away lots of prizes. Unfortunately, Jeff didn’t dance this time.


We served barbecue pork, cheesy potatoes, green bean almandine, cookies, cupcakes, beer, wine, lemonade, and even a veggie tray. Our repair guys and installers know the people whose houses they worked on. They had a chance to talk with them a bit during the event. Stacey and I got to match a face with the voice because we don’t really see that many people. We talk with them on the phone a lot, but they don’t usually come in the office. This was our chance to kind of mingle and talk with everyone.


We also gave away a $1,000 trip voucher to the Van Wyk family. Of course, the voucher is from the raffle that we hold for qualified entries in our Overhead Care Club. They’ll be able to use the voucher to travel wherever they choose. It’s kind of cool because I found out that the winners from last years raffle, Susan and Jason Beard, were actually going to Las Vegas using their voucher at the same time that we were having our appreciation event this year.


Towards the end of the party as we were closing up, we put on some salsa music and everyone did some salsa dancing.


We’re glad that we were able to say thanks to the people who put their trust in us. Next year, we’re probably going to change the menu up a bit. We’re also going to go back to calling everyone ahead of time like we did the year before. We hope that way we’ll be able to remind people and get a much better turnout.


If you’ve put your trust in us at Bakeris Roofing, we look forward to seeing you at the customer appreciation event next time. To learn more about our events, contact us online or give us a call today at (515) 967-8199.




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