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Posted on January 4, 2016 at 9:33 AM by Dawn Gee

Every insurance company handles things a little bit differently. However, they do have one thing in common: they use insurance estimating software called Xactimate. Is it in favor of the homeowner? Sometimes, but there are many times when it’s not. Remember, just because they give you an insurance estimate for your roof damage doesn’t mean that it’s the final number. If they miss something, you shouldn’t be stuck with the price they originally used.


At Bakeris Roofing, we like to work along with the insurance companies instead of working against them. We don’t want to be their enemy; we want to be their ally. That’s because when the insurance company and the roofing company are working together, who’s really going to benefit? That’s right, it’s you the homeowner.


It’s the homeowner’s roof that got hit. It’s not the roofer’s or the insurance company’s roof. Ultimately, the homeowner should be the one that’s getting taken care of. When you have hail damage on your roof, we’re going to be a second pair of eyes for the homeowner. We’ll be there just to make sure that the adjuster didn’t leave anything out. Also, if we think their price is a little low, we’ll have that discussion and help the homeowner negotiate so they can get their roof back to the state it was before the hailstorm. (Of course, if the homeowner wanted to upgrade to a different product than what was originally on their house, they can just pay the difference.)


Like we’ve said before, both customers and insurance companies like to work with us. I’ve seen apprehension many times when an adjuster that I don’t know sees a roofing contractor pull up to the home. They’re already anticipating pushback, but that’s not what we’re there for. Everyone has to remember, we’re not working for the insurance company, and we’re not working for the guy down the street. We’re working for the homeowner and we’re going to do what’s best for them.


The best way we can get that done is by working with everyone, including the insurance company and any other contractors that might be involved. Ultimately, our goal is for the homeowner to get their roof back in the state that it was before the storm hit.


If you’d like us to work with your insurance adjuster and make sure your roof gets fixed properly, contact us online or give us a call today at (515) 967-8199.




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