Ninja Roofers

Posted on January 11, 2016 at 9:33 AM by Dawn Gee

The biggest hail that I ever saw left its damage on the roofs of homes in Clive, a suburb of Des Moines. This isn’t a fish story: the hail was so big that it didn’t just go through the shingles—it also busted right through the plywood underneath the shingles. The hail also had to be pretty dense do do damage like that. (Sometimes you’ll see hail that’s not that dense, so it just splatters on impact.)


We’ve talked about this in previous posts, but guess who’s coming to town right after that hail hits? All the ninja roofers! You’ll see them arriving in packs, just like wolves. They’ll arrive in cars, trucks, planes, boats, motorcycles, or bicycles if they have to. They’ll come out of the woodwork like a bedbug on a Sunday morning. They don’t care, because they’ll be gone faster than the weather changes.


These ninja roofers get here quickly thanks to the internet. It lets them know where a storm just hit so they can find some quick work. Before you know it, the work has thinned out and they’re already gone to their next target. If they didn’t do something correctly for the homeowner, they probably won’t be back to make it right. Almost every time, they just can’t afford to come back, plain and simple.


Here’s a common scenario that a homeowner might face. One of those ninja roofers will decide to get every nickel and dime from the homeowner’s insurance company. They’re just interested in themselves, and they aren’t looking out for the person they’re supposed to be (the homeowner). Just because they got all that insurance money doesn’t mean that they’re going to do a good job, either. Since they’re based in another city or state, they’ll be gone and the homeowner has no recourse if anything goes wrong.


At Bakeris Roofing, we’re completely upfront about our interactions with your insurance company. We’ll let homeowners in on the negotiations. That means that we’re going to CC you every single email that we send to your insurance company so you’re completely informed about what’s going on. We care about looking out for you, the homeowner. Not only that, but we stand by all the work that we do.


If you ever need anything, try to choose a local company that has a solid reputation. Don’t do business with a ninja roofer from out-of-state, even if they have a pretty website. Do your due diligence if you’re thinking about choosing a roofer that you’re not familiar with. Remember, just because your neighbor is using them doesn’t mean that they did a background check to make sure they’re reputable.


If you want to put your trust in a local company that has a solid reputation, we’re here for you. Just contact us online or give us a call today at (515) 967-8199.

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