Jeff’s Pie Origin Story

Posted on February 19, 2016 at 9:56 AM by Dawn Gee

One day when Jeff was out selling a roof, he mentioned to a customer how much he loved pie. I don’t know how the topic came up. Maybe the customer might have been baking some at the time. Jeff printed right on the actual proposal, “Will make me 1 (one) pie.”


It was funny because me and my husband went to collect payment and we saw the pie that had been freshly baked for Jeff. My husband teased that he was going to eat a piece. (He’s pretty good friends with Jeff). The lady said, “No, that’s Jeff’s pie!” She had another pie that had already been partially eaten, so she offered it to my husband.


Since that fateful day, Jeff hasn’t been shy with telling his customers about pie (and salsa, too). I think it’s on video from our first shoot. At the end of the video he talks about how much he likes pie and salsa. “So come on, pull up your chair, watch us do your roof, and we can eat pie and salsa.”


Jeff went to someone’s house recently and a couple of employees went along with him. They all got to share some freshly baked pie. I posted on our inter-company messaging that it was about time he shared with some of the teammates.


Jeff actually like Rhubarb pie and gooseberry pie a lot. I like the rhubarb, but the gooseberry not so much.


Remember, if you care about us and you want us all to enjoy delicious pie, be sure to bring it directly to the office instead of giving it to Jeff.


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