Dollars For Scholars and Youth Programs

Posted on March 11, 2016 at 10:51 AM by Dawn Gee

We support Dollars for Scholars, which is a once-yearly event that takes place in October. It’s a dinner followed by silent auction and regular auction where people in the community bid on items. All proceeds from the event go to scholarships for graduating students.


This past event was the first year that my husband and I attended. Jeff and his wife usually go every year. As an example of some of the items that are bid on, last year a dozen cookies every month for a whole year went for $500. A realtor sold a scrumptious looking chocolate cake for hundreds of dollars.


Of course, everyone does it mainly to give the money to the high school students. Everyone has a really nice sit down dinner. They even had a murder mystery act while everyone was eating. We’re really looking forward to this year’s event coming up very soon.


We just recently donated to The Robert and Sharon Townsend Endowment Fund for Youth, which is run out of the Altoona Campus (kind of like a YMCA). Townsend Industries is a big supporter of the cause. They provide programming, education, recreation, and fitness programs for Altoona area children.


We donate every year and we’re glad that there are programs like this in our area.




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