Unseasonably Warm

Posted on March 15, 2016 at 3:58 PM by Dawn Gee

We’re pretty busy right now here at Bakeris Roofing. It’s an odd time of year for it to be this warm. We’re doing tear-offs and shingle roofs right now because it’s almost 50 degrees outside. We’ve had snow melting and people are having leaks. This winter has been very mild recently—it’s been raining instead of snowing. People are finding stuff that they never even knew was a problem.


Our doors are definitely open and we’re out there meeting with people. We’re doing full roof replacements and a lot of repair work right now. When things freeze back up as the weather gets cold again, you’re probably not going to have those leaks. As a roofing contractor, we like to see some heavy snow and ice because mother nature helps our business along. We also like it when it’s unseasonably warm as long as mother nature brings rain.


Bakeris Roofing isn’t just about full roof replacements. We also care about the small jobs, too. A big part of our business is repair. As we always say, no repair is too small. Unlike us, a lot of other contractors don’t want to do repairs. They might not have the staff or people who have the knowledge to get it done. You might be thinking, if they can do a full roof replacement, why wouldn’t they be able to take care of a repair? That’s because a lot of times roof repairs don’t just involve the roof itself.


There could be a leak at the roof that’s coming from the walls or windows. We might have to take off the vinyl or steel siding. There could be ice or snow laying against the wall or roof to wall transition. It doesn’t leak when it rains, but it leaks as snow and ice builds up. There’s a lot of factors that can come into play, so it really takes someone knowledgable to be able to solve the problem.


We’re lucky at Bakeris Roofing because we have a group of knowledgeable people who didn’t just start off as roofers when they came here. They were already carpenters, remodelers, or siding people and we trained them in roofing if they didn’t already have that specialization. It’s very helpful to have people with general construction knowledge on our team.


We don’t just look at your so-called roof. We’re looking at the entire roofing system including the wall, siding, and windows. In fact, we just got some calls from homeowners who didn’t have a leak back when there was three inches of rain back in December. Now that there’s snow and ice sitting against the wall where the roof runs onto, they’re seeing a leak. It’s a matter of us taking things apart to find the actual source of the problem instead of doing a bandage repair.


Shooting it full of tar or caulking might be a temporary solution. The problem is it’s not going to last. Since we give a lifetime warranty on repairs, we need to make sure we actually fix the problem. If not, we’d go broke going back there over and over.


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