Staying in touch and improving Overhead Care Club

Posted on April 1, 2016 at 4:02 PM by Dawn Gee

One of the things we’re working on this new year is staying connected with all of our clients. We’ve got a great client database that we’re using to start calling people and asking how they’re doing. It’s easy to gain a customer, but we want to keep in contact with them. We don’t want it to be a matter of roof out of sight, out of mind. Instead, we’re going to continue to build and strengthen our relationships with everyone.


It’s easy to have an email sitting in your inbox without ever looking at it. We’d rather make a more personal phone call so we can find out how our clients’ families are doing and try to stay on-base. After we call everyone, we’ll also follow up with a handwritten letter. If we do something for a customer, we don’t want to forget about them (and we don’t want them to forget about us either).


We also made some changes to our Overhead Care Club. It typically gives 10% off repair. Other companies out there might not give any guaranties on the repairs they do. We on the other hand, give one full year. For Overhead Care Club members, we’re getting rid of gutter cleaning as an included benefit. We can still do it for you as an additional investment. We’re lowering our Overhead Care Club to $22 a month and we’re also including a lifetime guarantee on repair.


That’s practically unheard of in the industry. As long as you’re in that house and the same roof is installed, if something ever goes wrong with the work we did, we’ll take care of it. When we were talking about the lifetime guarantee in our office, a question came up: what if they sell the house and it’s still sitting there with the roof we put on? Does it transfer to the next homeowner? Yes, as long as the new owner contacts us, transfers the Overhead Care Club into their name within 30 days, and they continue that small investment.


When you sell a home, the transferrable lifetime warranty is probably going to add value. The home buyer will have an inspector come and check it out. We’re starting to find that these home inspectors are getting better and better every year. (We work closely with home inspectors on a regular basis.) They’ll notice if something has been repaired in the home. Especially if the roof is 10-15 years old, a repair will stand out if the shingles are faded. If the inspector brings up a noticeable repair, you can proudly say that the roof has a lifetime warranty as long as it is on there and you’re a current member of the Overhead Care Club.


Having a lifetime guarantee that transfers to a new owner is a biggie for the Overhead Care Club. We think the changes that we’re making are an incredible advantage for the average member. For those members who want to have their gutter cleaned, it’ll be a simple flat rate of $199.

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