Spring Storms & Club Membership

Posted on May 13, 2016 at 9:29 AM by Dawn Gee

Spring Storms & The Overhead Care Club


As always, spring means springtime storms. We haven’t had a major one yet here in Des Moines, but if you watch the national news, you’ve seen how everyone around us is getting most of the harsh weather.


Now is a great time for homeowners to join our Overhead Care Club. Get your roof checked if you haven’t done so in the last couple of years. The team at Bakeris Roofing will do a 17 point inspection including attic checkup. Since it’s spring, you could have had some animals chewing on things while they were staying warm in the winter.


The Overhead Care Club is very inexpensive for what you get. Just recently, I met with a nursing home association and none of their maintenance people have been up on their humongous roof in years. They signed up for a three-year membership in the Overhead Care Club without hesitation because they recognized its value.


They’ve got things growing out of the gutters, missing shingles, and even holes in the roof. (That explains the water spots on their ceiling.) The Overhead Care Club is a great way to maintain your roof and catch small problems before they become big ones.


In past blog posts, I talked about the improvements we made to the club. That means that as long as you’re a member, the repair we do on shingle work has a lifetime warranty. As long as the roof stays on and our repair is there, we’ll warrant it for the lifetime of the roof as long as you’re in the home. You can even pass the warranty on to the next homeowner so they can continue to enjoy the benefits after signing up for our Overhead Care Club membership.


Above all else, our club keeps you safe. People shouldn’t have to get up on the roof if they aren’t used to doing it. Think about the consequences of falling down. You don’t even have to fall six feet to become seriously injured. All the insurance in the world won’t help you if you can’t go to work and have to face out-of-pocket expenses.

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