What Happens When You Call Bakeris Roofing

Posted on July 29, 2016 at 9:42 AM by Dawn Gee

We have two great people in-house: Dawn and Stacey. Dawn is our General Manager and Stacey is our Customer Care Representative. If you call into Bakeris Roofing, you’ll probably get to talk with one of them.


We’re fortunate to have two people like them on our team. When you call us, someone actually picks up the phone instead of using an automated phone program that wastes your time. You know that once you have to start pushing buttons, you’ll be lucky to finally talk to a human. Then if you ever do, they’ll say, “This is the wrong department. Let me put you on hold and transfer you.” You’ll be even more lucky if you aren’t disconnected.


We don’t want to waste your time at Bakeris Roofing. Dawn and Stacey are very knowledgable on all aspects of roofing. That’s yet another way that we’re raising the bar. And if you even begin to think that they might not know as much about roofing because they’re female, let me set you straight right now. On some days I think they know more than I do.


When people ask me questions, I sometimes give them our office number because Dawn and Stacey have a wealth of information at their fingertips. They are incredible at customer service—those two people are definitely 10Xers in our company all the way.


If you think customer service is important, Bakeris Roofing is second to none. We work very hard on communication not only on the field, but in the office too. We’re not done, though. We’re always looking at ways to improve and keep raising the bar.




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