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Posted on August 5, 2016 at 9:48 AM by Dawn Gee

Successful People vs. Unsuccessful People


I’ve been working in this industry for 26 years. When Bakeris Roofing started off, I was pretty much by myself. It wasn’t long until we had built a great team. But it isn’t all about me, Jeff Bakeris. It’s really the great team that makes Bakeris Roofing so cool.


We have a philosophy of teamwork here at our business and even in our personal lives. The things we do with a motivational and positive attitude can make a huge difference with a husband/wife, family, and neighbors. That’s why I’m so pumped up.


I have something on my board that I wanted to share with you. Dawn always finds some great stuff from motivational speakers. It talks about the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people.


Successful people give others credit for their victories.

Unsuccessful people take all the credit for their victories.


Successful people accept responsibility for their failures.

Unsuccessful people blame others for their failures.


Successful people compliment.

Unsuccessful people criticize.


Successful people read every day.

Unsuccessful people watch TV every day.


Successful people keep a journal.

Unsuccessful people say they keep a journal, but don’t.


Successful people talk about ideas.

Unsuccessful people talk about people.


Successful people want others to succeed.

Unsuccessful people secretly hope others will fail.


Successful people share info and data.

Unsuccessful people hoard info and data.


Successful people exude joy.

Unsuccessful people exude anger.

(I especially like this one.)


Successful people set goals and develop life plans.

Unsuccessful people never set goals.


Successful people continuously learn.

Unsuccessful people think they know it all.


Successful people embrace change.

Unsuccessful people fear change.


These are a lot of the things we work on here at Bakeris Roofing. We want it to radiate to other people out there, too. Of course, we want you to remember us for installing a great roof. But we also want to be positive and motivational. Maybe today we worked on giving other people credit for our victory. I encourage you to give it a try, too. Do what successful people do.







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