Ronald McDonald House Fundraising Events

Posted on November 4, 2016 at 8:19 AM by Dawn Gee

Ronald McDonald House Fundraising Events


This year we decided to choose the Ronald McDonald House to be the flagship charity for Bakeris Roofing. We participated in a bike ride event and ended up raising $23,000, which was significantly higher than what was raised last year. Jeff and I are heading that committee next year.


We’re also involved in some of their other events, like the upcoming gala. We weren’t involved in the clay shoot they had not too long ago, but that’s another one of the many fundraising events that they do.


We’re also probably going to split our team into two groups and spend a couple of nights cooking meals for people staying at the Ronald McDonald House. These are families with kids who either have cancer or are very ill. They don’t live close to where the kids are being treated, so they stay at the Ronald McDonald House.


Our goal for the bicycle ride next year is to raise at least $43,000. That will pay for a full year’s stay for families. It will be outstanding if we can reach our goal so the Ronald McDonald House doesn’t have to ask the families for any money. (They are usually asked to pay $10 a night.)


It will be interesting when we get more involved with the fundraising events taking place for the Ronald McDonald House in the future.

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