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Posted on April 7, 2017 at 3:15 PM by Dawn Gee

At Bakeris Roofing, we continue to gain knowledge and educate ourselves instead of just becoming stale. We always talk about train, train, train and it doesn’t matter if you think you already know it all. We have a proven path that works. Sometimes you get bumped off your path, so we have a way to get back on track. When things aren’t going right, retrain and go back to the basics. We’re measuring everything so we can add new things and keep improving ourselves.


We built a mock roof in our warehouse for training and it has two different roof systems: metal and asphalt shingle. We’re also going to start using another product from DaVinci, which is a composite shake and tile look. It’s another thing we’re going to add to our toolbox, so to speak, so homeowners can have plenty of options to choose from. The tech guys were just here doing training for this new product for a full day.


You could be that old dog sitting on the porch and thinking that you know it all, but you’ll still have to get away from the porch and train. That’s one of the reasons why we’re successful in the roofing world. If you’ve ever read the book Good to Great, we apply that philosophy to what we do. If things aren’t right, why aren’t they? Let’s get back to basics and get them fixed instead of keeping on going even though the bus isn’t running on all eight cylinders.


If something isn’t working in the training or out in the shop, then we’re not going to go to someone’s house. We want to make sure that we’re ready to go and do things right first. This applies especially during the winter season when our minds get a little bit lazy. We’ll go over some of the same things, and we’ll also add some new things, too. We just want to make sure we’re fresh when it’s time to get out there, open the doors, and get going. (We’ve still been able to do some roofing this year, though, because the weather has been so nice.)


I just got back from a week long training about sales, so even the owner is in the mindset of train, train, train. I also just went with our guys for the fourth time to a training session, and they are always trying to improve how to learn about customer service and building trust with the homeowner. It isn’t just about helping with roofing problems, but it’s also making sure that we’re explaining where our company has come from (just like we did in the previous blog posts). We have to be sure to talk about our background and bio.


This is one of the reasons why I think you should go with Bakeris Roofing. We care about training, training, training and constantly improving what we do.

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