Why We Have a Smiley Face on Our New Shirts

Posted on September 29, 2017 at 3:27 PM by Dawn Gee

We just had new shirts made for our team. The front says ‘Bakeris Roofing’ and the back has a big smiley face with our website, ‘’. If you see someone at the convenience store and you only get a glimpse of their back, we hope you’ll smile when you look at the smiley face on the shirt. We don’t mind if you never use Bakeris Roofing, but we just want to bring you a little happiness.


Whether you’re religious or not, I think the message my pastor told us recently was pretty interesting. Regardless of your beliefs, there’s always someone working against us in our lives. Studies over the years have shown us more about how our brains work. Even though 70% of our day might have been full of positive things, that 30% negativity always outweighs the positive. It could even be 99.9% positive, but our brains will still look at the negativity that happened to us.


You might see our team wearing their new shirts while they get out of your way so you can merge on the highway. Maybe they picked up your kid’s bike out of the street. Whatever it might be, our goal is to bring some more positivity into your day to overwhelm any negativity you might face. We want to put a smile on a stranger’s face or a client’s face whenever we can.

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