Changes to the Overhead Care Club

Posted on October 27, 2017 at 3:17 PM by Dawn Gee

A while back we removed gutter cleaning from our Overhead Care Club. We’re happy to announce that we’re putting gutter cleaning back as part of the Overhead Care Club again to add more value for homeowners. Why is the Overhead Care Club so important? The number one reason is because you’ll get a physical inspection. Someone from Bakeris Roofing will come out to your home, get on your roof, and perform a full inspection.

We perform inspections right before the winter and the spring (before the stormy seasons). We’ll also clean off any debris from the roof. If a storm blows in and you call us, we have to get back to Overhead Care Club members within 24 hours. At a minimum, we’ll call you back within that time or any repair work is free. We’ll also give 10% off any repair work to club members.

You should be getting your roof checked on a normal basis, just like when you get the oil changed on your car. Of course, you wouldn’t drive your car 100,000 miles without getting it serviced just because it’s under warranty. You go for an oil change every few thousand miles. They aren’t just changing the oil, either. If they are, you’re probably going to the wrong shop.

The same thing applies to your roof. We’re a big believer in proper roof maintenance, once a year at a minimum. Some homeowners have a lot of trees, so it makes more sense to go up there twice a year. We even have one maintenance program where we go up three times a year because they get debris from trees and other nearby things.

As long as you keep current on repairs while being a member of the Overhead Care Club, we’ll warranty the repair for the life of the roof (or as long as you’re in the house, whichever comes first). Typically we only give a one year warranty, but that gets extended to a lifetime warranty as long as the roof is still on there and you’re still at the home. We give a lifetime warranty for full roof replacements as well, as long as you maintain the investment in the Overhead Care Club.

These are just some of the reasons why the Overhead Care Club is an outstanding value for homeowners.


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