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Posted on November 24, 2017 at 2:53 PM by Dawn Gee

Bakeris Roofing is extremely dedicated, detailed, and very particular about how we put on roofs. Jeff has been in business for 27 years, and like my dad, he’ll do it the right way or he isn’t going to do it at all. There simply isn’t any cutting corners when Jeff does a job. That’s why we can offer the guarantees and warranties that we do.

Ice and water shielding is a moisture barrier that we put at the end of the roof into the eaves troughs. We don’t use a 15 pound felt paper or 30 pound felt paper—instead, we use synthetic felt. We use a synthetic because of the fact that installation requires people to pivot and keep leverage while up on the roof. Turning your foot can easily tear the paper, which compromises the moisture barrier. By using synthetic felt, we’re making sure that there’s one more barrier of protection against moisture on your roof.

We’re also very particular about who installs our roofs. (Training, training, training!) Jeff is constantly training our team so that anybody who goes up on the roof will be well prepared and know what they need to do. Everyone on our team will be background checked, drug tested, and prohibited from using foul language at your home. There also won’t be any form of tobacco products used on the job.

We offer a 15 year craftsmanship warranty, so we’re literally married to your roof. If we see that something isn’t right, we’re going to get it fixed right away. For example, if we see that there’s an area where water might possibly get in, we’ll apply ice and water shielding. We’ll nip any potential issue in the bud immediately instead of waiting for it to get worse. Along with that, we offer a 10 year No Blame guarantee. Think about what happens if your car gets recalled: all you have to do is take it into the shop to get fixed. Roof are a little bit different, so that’s what our No Blame guarantee is for. If you have a problem in the first ten years of ownership and the shingle manufacturer isn’t handling it quickly enough, Jeff will personally go out and inspect it. He’ll fix the problem and handle the issue with the manufacturer directly. Then he’ll make sure they compensate him for the time and materials.

We also offer a straightforward pricing guarantee. We’re competitive with anybody out there, and Jeff says that if you can find somebody who will match our guarantees and warranties, he’ll give you an additional $50. That’s how confident we are when we go out and bid a job. As long as it’s an apples-to-apples comparison, we’ll take a look at it. In other words, the other company needs to offer a comparable service in order for the price guarantee to be applicable.

Our Happy Neighborhood guarantee says that if you’re not 100% satisfied with what we’ve done on your roof, Jeff will give back all your money. I have yet to find someone that didn’t leave satisfied with what we’ve done. Our team is dedicated and hard working. We even have someone on the ground making sure to pick up any materials. Both you and your neighbors will be happy with us because there won’t be trash anywhere around us. In fact, our goal is to leave your yard cleaner than it was before we showed up.

Because of the guarantees, warranties, the great team of people, and our willingness to stand behind our work, Bakeris Roofing is the place to trust with your roof.

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