What Kind of Roofing Company Will You Choose?

Posted on January 26, 2018 at 3:07 PM by Dawn Gee

At Bakeris Roofing, we’ll use whatever product you want. But we want you to know that when you’re looking for a new roof, the main thing you focus on shouldn’t be what roof products that you’re using. What’s most important is who you’re getting on your property to do that roofing work. What kind of company are you going to choose? Have you looked on their website? Do they have a little bit of information or history about their company? What about reviews? The company you choose should do a good job, follow your local city code, and follow the manufacturer’s specs.


We’re a firm believer that the most important day of your roof’s life is the day that it was put on. The reason is that you could be using the absolute best products, but if the guys installing the roof aren’t following code, following the manufacturer’s specs, or installing it properly, all those warranties from the manufacturer are voided. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so big on training here at Bakeris Roofing. We’re not going to make your roof the first one we install out on the field.


We’ve been successful going on 27 years now, and it’s partly because we’re so selective about who we hire. We do drug tests and background checks, and we don’t hire someone just because we need to fill a position. (That’s the worst time to hire.) If a company gets busy and they’re short staffed, they’ll practically be looking for people off the street corner. We simply don’t do that at Bakeris Roofing.


We go through an extensive interview process before we hire someone. It’s kind of like a red light/green light process. If you answer a question and the red light pops on, the interview stops. We do ten questions over the phone, and if that goes well, you’ll come into the office and interview with Dawn, someone out in the field, and then I’ll meet you too. We want to make sure that you’ll be a good fit and that you’ll be able to work with the team of people within our company. Some of my friends are surprised by how stringent our hiring process is. They say that they didn’t even have do do that to work at their corporate office.


We also want to make sure that you’re trainable. If you aren’t trainable we won’t be able to hire you. Not just with roofing, but we also want to be able to train you to give the homeowners a great experience. It might not have anything to do with their roof, either. Whether you’re bringing in the garbage cans or giving them a positive quote, we just want you to be positive. That’s something we’re very big on at Bakeris Roofing. We put up three positive quotes a week in our meetings. We want you to be positive in your personal life, too. If you’re not happy at home, you won’t be happy at work either, plain and simple.


A good portion of our training is also about keeping our great culture in the company. Dawn and Stacey have done a great job. This past winter has been nice, so we’ve been able to work quite a bit. But we also train extensively during downtime, even with things that technically have nothing to do with the install. Unfortunately, customer service is going by the wayside in the U.S.. We’re losing the art of face-to-face communication because it’s too easy to send a text, email, or Skype message. Don’t get me wrong, they are helpful and convenient but we still have to make an effort at talking with each other.

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