Keeping a Positive Attitude at Bakeris Roofing

Posted on February 2, 2018 at 3:12 PM by Dawn Gee

I’m a true believer in keeping a positive attitude and staying upbeat. Don’t get me wrong, we all have times when things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to. It’s easy to get knocked down, but when we’re with a homeowner we have to stay in positive spirits and leave a positive vibe. It’s not about selling a roof, it’s about making somebody happy. If anything, at least we educated people about what we have to offer. If they don’t move forward with Bakeris Roofing, we still have to be positive.


We can’t speak to homeowners in a monotone voice and lose our focus. When we’re sitting in someone’s home, it’s easy to think negative thoughts and slouch at the kitchen table. We simply can’t do that because we’re there to educate them. We’re about positivity at Bakeris Roofing. (Here on our website, you’ll see the quotes we put up.) That’s the way we work in our office, too. We have positive quotes that we put up every week when we have our meetings.


Whether or not the homeowner chooses us is up to them. All we can do is educate them and leave on a positive note. They’ll be left with something to chew on, and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the roof itself. They can take what we said and apply it to their personal life too. Even though we’re there to help fix the roofing situation, we can give people something extra that they didn’t expect.


When people choose Bakeris Roofing, we want to go beyond. We have a quote in our conference room that says, “Only promise what you can deliver, and then deliver more than you promised.” We should deliver more than we promise for every single one of our clients. We strive to do something extra even if it doesn’t have to do with their roof.


We even had one of our roofing specialists mow the lawn for a homeowner who was having a bad day. She was in a rush and her family was coming over to visit. The roofing specialist asked where the lawn mower was and said he would take care of it is she didn’t mind. It took some stress out of her life, because she knew it wasn’t going to get done and it was weighing heavily on her mind. How many times have you scrambled to get the house cleaned up and looking nice for company?

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