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Posted on February 9, 2018 at 3:16 PM by Dawn Gee

When you call Bakeris Roofing for a roof repair and the service tech goes to visit your home, they are going to do a full inspection on your roof system. That means that if your siding touches your roof, you have dormers, pipes, metal flashings, or chimney chases, they will take a look at them. They will also do an inspection of the attic, when applicable. We always try to get in the attic to make sure everything is vented out properly and the bathroom fans have enough insulation.


Our straightforward pricing means that we’re not just picking numbers out of thin air. We are very clear and systematic about what we do. If you were to go to a neighbor that had the same work done and ask them how much it cost, the price would be the same because we use the same pricing system. Straightforward pricing is that simple—we don’t do anything by the hour, so you don’t have to worry about the technician sitting in their truck and having a conversation on the phone while they’re on the clock. Someone paid by the hour might tell you that they don’t have the part they need. When they leave, you don’t know if they’re going around the corner to have a cup of coffee.


With straightforward pricing, we aren’t on the clock. You don’t have to worry that we’re wasting your dollars by doing something behind your back.

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