Bakeris Roofing Does Jobs of All Sizes

Posted on March 14, 2019 at 11:09 AM by Dawn Gee

No job is too big or too small—if you think your job isn’t a big enough deal for a professional like Bakeris Roofing, you might be surprised. We do a wide range of work that goes from a large church to something as small as a backyard shed. Around 95% of our work is residential simply because we like working with people. We find that it’s our niche because we identify with other homeowners. We have roofing needs just like everyone else, and so we’ve found that the general residence is what we want to focus our attention on.

We do work with large projects like churches, where we’ve used both asphalt and metal shingles. We’ve also done jobs with older Victorian houses turned into bed & breakfasts. (We’ve worked on AirBnBs, too.) A while ago, while I was working on someone’s home, a neighbor came by and asked if I would mind doing an estimate. I responded, “Just by standing right here, I see that your roof looks pretty good. You probably have a few more years on it.”

The neighbor responded, “Oh, no, no, I was wondering if you guys would take the time to mess with my little shed in the back.” I was more than glad to take a look at it. The gentleman said that he wouldn’t mind if we used leftover shingles from the project I was working on. However, the color didn’t match the shingles he had on his house. I told him he might want to consider consulting with his wife. He said he didn’t mind what color it was, as long as it was a shingle. But even if he didn’t mind the mismatched shingle color, we probably wouldn’t have had anything left from the project anyway.

I gave the gentleman an estimate to do the roof on his little shed, and determined that it would be a one man job. About two weeks later, Bakeris Roofing went over and did the work on the shed. Big or small, we’re going to treat you the same. We’ll put every ounce of care into the work that we do, and we’ll offer the same guarantees and warranties that you’d get if you did a large project like the church I mentioned. Big or small, at Bakeris Roofing we’ll do them all. Reach out to us today by contacting us online or giving us a call at 515-967-8199 if you have a small (or big) job that you want us to take care of.


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