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Insurance coverage can be confusing sometimes, and dealing with insurance adjustors can often feel like you’re trying to negotiate a UN peace accord. 

This process can be made very easy with help from one of our Roofing Specialists.  Our first step will be to meet with your adjustor and assess the damage. We will work with them during the insurance claim process.  Bakeris Roofing will make sure the adjustor sees all the damages and gets you the most for your claim. After that is taken care of and a replacement or repair number is agreed upon we will get to work and repair the damage.

Here is a little information to help you understand.

About your insurance payment

The payment is for the "actual cash value" of property covered by your policy at the time of loss less your deductible.  The actual cash value is the cost to repair or replace covered property, at the time of partial or total loss or damage, with material of like kind and quality, subject to a deduction for deterioration, depreciation or obsolescence.

You may be eligible for additional payments because your policy includes "replacement cost: coverage.  To receive the additional "replacement costs" coverage, repair or replacement of your damaged property must be completed within 365 days after loss.  If you make a written request, this time limit may be extended for an additional 180 days.  You will receive additional amounts claimed for the cost to repair or replace upon completion of the repairs or replacement.  If you choose not to repair or replace, you will receive only actual cash value of the damaged property. Total payments will not exceed the applicable policy limit.

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