Standing Seam Metal Panels

This product is custom formed and ordered for each project . Each panel is formed and cut  to fit the exact dimensions required for the project.

This product is energy efficient; metal reflects heat and blocks its
transfer into attic.   Standing Seam Metal Panels24 Gauge metal with Kynar 500 paint finish and
comes in a variety of colors.

The products used in this process are:

  • Tile Metal Barrier : a product used to prevent ice damming.  It is self adhering and is placed along roof edge, eaves & valleys to keep water from entering the house. (optional upgrade to cover complete roof deck)
  • Underlayment: a synthetic felt roofing underlayment designed to protect the roof deck from the elements.
  • Hidden Fastener System: panels applied with clips and screws, not visible 
  • Sealants: used to prevent leaks in critical areas
  • Ventilation: continious ridgevent for a clean crisp look, 
  • Hip & Ridge:  pre-cut shingles, easy to install and add the
    perfect finishing touch to the roof while providing reinforcement to a critical part of the roof.


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