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Jeff Bakeris formed Bakeris Roofing back in 1990 and since then, the company has morphed and evolved into the reliable and steady company you’ll find today.

“Sure, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes through the years. I think that’s the only way you can really grow,’ he says. “The good news is that we have weathered the storm and that our culture revolves around using every customer interaction as an opportunity to reinforce the things we have learned and to keep learning.

“Nothing happens by accident, I believe, which is why I have cultivated a climate where I truly empower my employees to do what’s best for the customer.”  

-Jeff Bakeris, Owner and Founder of Bakeris Roofing

One of the most important things to the Bakeris Roofing family is community outreach.  Organizations we support "Relay for Life" American Cancer Society, Dollars for Scholars, Suicide Prevention Walk, Blue Star Mothers in America, Altoona Tri Club, Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce, Teachers Breakfast, Altoona Firefighters & Ragbrai, just to name a few.

You just cannot lose when you do business with Bakeris Roofing.

From our guarantees to the high bar we set for prospective job applicants, you can feel good knowing that you have made the right choice when you call us.


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Get to know the team from Bakeris Roofing and you’ll feel secure about having us on your property and around your family. That’s just one of the things we mean when we say you can have true peace of mind when you call Bakeris.

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