Financing and Payment Options

What are the benefits of financing your roofing project with EnerBank?

  1. Start your project today

    There's no waiting to build up savings to pay for your roofing project. Home improvement financing through EnerBank allows you to handle your roofing project as a cash customer. You can get estimates, make changes and settle your account so you can enjoy your roof as quickly as possible.

  2. A fixed interest rate 

    When you finance with a home improvement loan through EnerBank, there is no worrying about flexible interest rates as you make payments on your loan. You have the freedom to tackle a project with a value of up to $55,000 without any concern of how a changing APR will affect your loan repayment schedule.

  3. Protection from the FDIC

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, insures EnerBank's deposits. EnerBank's financial future will not affect yours, allowing you to focus on your roofing project worry-free.

  4. Information security

    All information in regard to your financing is given directly to EnerBank, your lender. There are no intermediaries and no information is collected by a 3rd party. Your identity and account details are secured and encrypted by EnerBank to ensure that your important information remains in trusted hands only.

Is financing for my roof considered a secured loan?

No, EnerBank USA only lends home improvement financing as an unsecured loan.

An unsecured loan means that you don't need to use your home as collateral. You are able to minimize your risk and trust the financial professional at EnerBank USA to help you finance your roofing project.

Is the loan approval process lengthy?

No, most applicants are approved over the phone within minutes.

EnerBank works with borrowers to see if financing is an option for your roofing project. Approximately 80% of applicants are approved for home improvement loans. Bakeris Roofing is eager to make you smile by starting your next roofing project and moving forward today with a home improvement loan through EnerBank USA!

Roof Financing Options

Call our office at 515-967-8199 or fill out our contact us form to get financing details!

If you have a roofing project in mind, but don't have the funds yet - Don't pull money out of your savings account or take out a high-interest short-term loan. With our roofing financing options, you can have no payments of interest for up to 12 months. Bakeris Roofing is excited to share financing options for roofing through EnerBank USA!

You have 3 easy ways to pay:

Choose from a 5 or 7-Year Fixed Rate Loan or a 1-Year Same as Cash Loan from EnerBank USA!

Bakeris Roofing always has our customers needs in mind.  We realize that home repairs don't usually happen at the best time.  That is why we have made available payment options for our customers so they are able to take care of the issues in a timely manner.

 We have expanded our unbeatable choice of payments to include the Reduced Interest Loans in addition to our Same-as-cash option. 


6.99% 5 and 7 Year Reduced Interest Loans:    

Click on the image below and see estimated payment amounts. 





Same-As-Cash option offered thru EnerBank

What is Same-As-Cash?
An unsecured consumer installment loan with:


  • No payments and no interest for 12 months on approved credit.
  • 100% unsecured financing from $1,000 to $45,000 on approved credit
  • A quick, easy, and safe toll-free loan-by-phone application process
  • fast credit decision in about 10 minutes
  • No paperwork
  • Convenient calling hours
    Monday-Friday   8:00AM to 1:00AM (EST)
    Saturday             9:00AM to 8:00PM (EST)
    Sunday              12:00PM to 6:00PM (EST)
  • No application fee-No closing costs-No prepayment penalties
  • Ask our Roofing Specialist if you have any questions.
  • Loans provided by EnerBank USA (1245 E. Brickyard Rd. Suite 640, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. Repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. Interest waived if repaid in 365 days. 17% fixed APR, effective as of 3/01/12 subject to change.

When you schedule your appointment we can answer any questions you have at that time.  Or, we can discuss it with you in person when we come out to your home.

We also have a variety of payment options:  Cash, Check or Credit Card.  Additionally, we offer certain discounts to our Overhead Care Club members for using MasterCard or Visa and auto-renew each year or month, saving us valuable postage and billing time, so we pass the saving on to you.

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