Extend Your Roof’s Life With Regular Roof Service

The easiest way to make your roof last longer is by having Bakeris Roofing perform periodic routine services. You may be able to give your roof an additional 10 or 15 years just by looking after it properly.

Every home’s roof has its own unique concerns, which is why it's important to hire trusted, experienced roofing experts. Bakeris is a residential roof authority with extensive experience. We’ll help you make sure that your roof remains watertight and working right. It will look good, last longer, and ensure your family’s safety and comfort!

Not only in Iowa but all over the country, over 90% of roof leaks occur at transitions or penetration points. These are places where there are roof-to-wall transitions. It is at these critical junctures that equipment such as pipes, vents, chimneys, and even satellite stands are secured. They also represent potential trouble spots all across your roof. Our preventive roof maintenance programs and metal roofing strengthen those weak areas. As a result, we can help your roof meet and even exceed its designed life.  Photo of man performing roof maintenance

At a minimum, we recommend that every Iowa homeowner have a routine roof inspection completed every three years. Things change due to wind, weather, and general wear and tear. When you receive the Bakeris clean bill of health, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve had a trained professional perform your inspection and roof repair service.

If there are little problems that pop up, we can address those early and easily. It’s much easier and cost-efficient to nip little problems in the bud before they become bigger, more expensive issues. This is the easiest way to make sure you get maximum efficiency and life span for the roof over your head.

We also offer our Overhead Care Club, a premium annual package that takes your level of security and service even higher. This concierge roof service also includes annual gutter cleaning, skylight cleaning, attic analysis, and debris removal. Additionally, Overhead Care offers ongoing photographic documentation for your insurance, plus exclusive repair discounts (on products including roofing metal). It even includes priority appointment guarantees in the event of extreme weather events throughout Iowa.

Bakeris is the best roofing company for all of your roof problems and preventative maintenance. Schedule a maintenance appointment today!


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